The long-awaited update is here — v0.9.86 Patch Notes

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5 min readJan 23, 2023


👋 Hello, dear Scratch Lords players and fans!

first, we want to send you a big thank you for continuously supporting us and playing our beloved Scratch Lords. Even though we have announced the indefinite pause of the Scratch Lords' development due to a new bigger project a few months ago, many of you are still keeping the Scratch Lords community alive and running 💜

As a thank you, we have promised a large-scale update for Scratch Lords to polish the game and expand it with new features. Today, we have delivered — welcome to v0.9.86 Patch Notes!

Expanding the gameplay — New features!

In the new update, we have focused not only on polishing the game, but also on new features and gameplay elements. Let's look at what the update brings.


  • Scout is a new card type added to Scratch Lords, which creates more possibilities for acquiring new cards. These are rather scary-looking fellas, but they are amazing at scouting for new heroes and weapons around the Overcorner. With every search, Scouts also level up and can in return find more rare and powerful cards. Hire one based on their level, chances, or specialization, and send him on a quest for your next powerful warrior or weapon.


  • In addition to weapons, you can now equip your hero with a new card type — Gear. Armor your warrior from head to toe with many new pieces of equipment, offering not only visual flare, but more importantly bonus effects for your warrior.


  • A new gameplay feature, Tournaments! We liked the Draft League and TOP12 system, but we knew the concept of these gameplay features could be improved — and so we transformed them into Tournaments. There are 2 categories of Tournaments:
  • Fixed price — based on the number of battles won you get a reward
  • Split prize— based on the number of participants, and the sum the other participants bet. The prize pool is then divided.
  • Create your dream team of up to 12 warriors, put trust in them by paying the entry fee, and send them to compete in vigorous tournaments throughout the Overcorner for sweet rewards and prizes.

Warrior School and its Customization

  • We have slightly expanded the lore by adding Warrior Schools. You are the owner of a Warrior School and your goal is to gather new warriors, weapons, and equipment, level them up, prepare a great strategy and conquer the fighting world of Overcorner. You can now customize your school name, colors, and symbol. Create a legacy!

Smooth experience — Polishing and improving the game

Having a smooth experience, fluent animations, great optimization, and a clean user interface is a crucial part of a great game. In this update, we have focused on all these elements and on leveling their quality up.

Chest Claiming

  • We have made graphical improvements to chest claiming, improving smoothness and clarity.


  • Making our games easy to learn is one of our priorities. With this in mind, we have improved the onboarding process, making the basic gameplay concepts easier to grasp for all age groups. Finish the tutorial and jump straight into the battle!

Scene Transitions

  • Pretty self-explanatory. Go check them out, we think they are pretty lovely!


  • We have improved the overall immersion of the game. New sounds, ambiance, gyro backgrounds, and much more. Immerse yourself in the Scratch Lords' world!


  • Smoothly running game is a centerpiece of having a great time. We have focused on improving the overall performance of the app.


  • Every update should come with a bunch of bugfixes and this one isn't an exception. We have fixed many minor bugs improving the gameplay and game stability.


Did you spot a new bug during your play time? Don't forget to report it using the in-game bug reporting feature in the game menu, or on our Discord server in the #bugs channel, and get a sweet in-game reward for your service 😊

Try the new features by downloading or updating Scratch Lords

Google Play:

App Store:

⚠️ Quick note: The new update might arrive a little bit later on your iOS devices as Apple needs to greenlight the update. If that didn’t happen yet, it should happen within a few hours



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