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4 min readOct 6, 2022

Hello everyone!

we have an important message for all Scratch Lords’ fans and supporters. As you may know, Scratch Lords was planned to be released globally at the end of Q3 2022 after months of closed beta testing by the wonderful Czech and Slovakian community. It’s officially October and Scratch Lords are not yet released, as many of you, our amazing loyal fans, and gamers have probably noticed. Here is an update on what is currently happening and the future of Scratch Lords.

A few months ago we were acquired by the global gaming powerhouse Animoca Brands. They liked the concept of Scratch Lords and this game was a huge part of why Animoca acquired us. They saw the potential in the game, as well as in the team, and believed we will deliver an outstanding experience for players around the world. Animoca is leading the blockchain gaming industry and creates many new amazing games and other digital entertainment. A few weeks ago, they acquired a breathtaking license from a major global brand and they have agreed on creating a new, fresh, and never seen game together. This project is huge and will require intense knowledge of the technology and genre and Animoca was looking for an experienced team to develop and deliver this game to the whole world.

After many long meetings with both the representatives of Animoca and in-person meetings and workshops with the global brand, Animoca decided the right team for this project is the Notre Game. We are immensely excited to be able to take on this new challenge, that will revolutionize the genre, but we are very aware of what this decision poses for Scratch Lords.

As this new project is many times bigger and more challenging, we are forced to temporarily pause the development of Scratch Lords. It is a tremendously difficult decision as Scratch Lords is our lovechild and a project we spent years working on. We are not canceling the project, both us and Animoca are still very interested in it and plan on continuing our efforts on it in the future, but the new project we cannot share more about for now is currently our main priority. If you like Scratch Lords as we do, we believe you will love the new project as well. We will share more information on it in the upcoming weeks.

To make this transition easier and as smooth as possible, we will be releasing a huge update to Scratch Lords in the upcoming weeks, so you are able to play the game. There will be many new exciting features that will make Scratch Lords a much better experience.

Features included in the huge update are:

  • The addition of Scouts — a new type of card. Scouts will look all around the Overcorner for the best heroes you can add to your deck.
  • Equipment — You will now be able to equip your heroes with armors, helmets, and other equipment to customize them not only visually, but also create new tactics and specializations with up to 4 bonuses this equipment will provide.
  • New re-designed User Interface — creating a better experience while navigating through the app and making many features more seamless and organized
  • New Tournaments — compete with your heroes in new tournaments with a fixed and split reward system
  • Optimization — we have reworked and optimized many features of the game like its size, smoothness of the animations, improved 3D graphics of heroes, and overall performance of the app
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements

The most challenging aspect — the blockchain and NFT integration, will not be a part of this update. We still want this integration to happen in the future, when the development of Scratch Lords may be eventually continued. We will keep the Scratch Lords community running, including the Discord server and such, and try our best to be active there, but in limited mode, as our team will now focus on the development of the new project.

The global launch of the Scratch Lords is now indefinitely postponed, but when you see the changes and our effort put into the new features in the game, it has to be obvious to you, that we can’t leave it. That is our commitment, we will continue working on it once we have the possibility.

Thank you for the years of amazing support from you, our wonderful community. We know this decision may be hard for you, but we hope you will continue to support us on this, or other exciting projects and we promise we will deliver amazing games to you.



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