Update on the current state and future of Scratch Lords

  • The addition of Scouts — a new type of card. Scouts will look all around the Overcorner for the best heroes you can add to your deck.
  • Equipment — You will now be able to equip your heroes with armors, helmets, and other equipment to customize them not only visually, but also create new tactics and specializations with up to 4 bonuses this equipment will provide.
  • New re-designed User Interface — creating a better experience while navigating through the app and making many features more seamless and organized
  • New Tournaments — compete with your heroes in new tournaments with a fixed and split reward system
  • Optimization — we have reworked and optimized many features of the game like its size, smoothness of the animations, improved 3D graphics of heroes, and overall performance of the app
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements



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